Thinking About Recruiting?

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Did you know there are two (2) kinds of candidates out there: Aggressive Candidates & Passive Candidates.

Aggressive Candidates utilize sites like ours to seek out and explore new job opportunities on their own. They do this for various reasons: “professional growth,” “higher compensation,” “moving to new locales,” or the occasional, “this industry is killing me and I want to lessen the blow!”

Listing AV Jobs on an online jobs board is one way to get your current positions filled. This is called Passive Recruiting, and it depends highly on Aggressive Candidates. You post a job and our company broadcasts your position across various networks and media to bring successful attention within the AV industry.

Passive Candidates are very happy where they are. Most times this is because they aren’t necessarily seeking new opportunities, or they’re just so plain busy delivering systems they can’t find the time to seek out new AV Jobs. They’re great employees but the problem is they’re not working for you!

In comes Harness Technology, our parent company. We also perform, what’s called, Aggressive Recruiting – we seek out the Passive Candidates. HT Recruiters aggressively search and connect with candidates that fit your job profile and aggressively pursue these Passive Candidates on your behalf. We do this everyday and are good at it. Our clients are happy with the people we bring on board their companies and they reward us generously for it. But hey, our rates are very competitive, and well worth the effort. Give Harness Technology a ring today to learn more if you think this is a way you might want to go.

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