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My name is Marty Raymond and I’m the owner of AVJoblistings.com.

I started AVJoblistings.com with one goal in mind – to create one online hub where my fellow AV professionals can find and connect with new and exciting job opportunities within the AV industry. Having been an AV Service Manager and Integrated System Project Manager (at ACE Communications, now Tritech, and later at IVCi, both in New York City) during my career in AV starting in 1996, I know how difficult it can be for good companies to find good people.

Mainstream online job boards are very broad in their listings, and do little or close to nothing to advertise new AV job opportunities specifically. In the end AV jobs can get lost in search misinterpretations or expired (hence unlisted) job ads. The costs of continual renewals can be expensive and in some cases intractable, as well as tying up your resource’s time.

We hope to change that. We consider what we do here at AVJoblistings.com, ‘Doing Our Part to Promote the AV Industry’.

Please, feel free to peruse our site, sign-up, and post your resume if your interested in keeping in the loop with new opportunities that match your outlook. If you’re a hiring company we have several price options for you that we believe are the best offered from any serious audio visual job listing site online. Our highly capable and effective marketing team daily broadcasts our site and all jobs listed with us across the AV industry and professional networks.

We’ve incorporated an aggressive recruiting process into our listing service at no extra cost to you – No other job site is doing this. If there’s a candidate for your opening, we’ll help you find that person by going one step further than passive job boards that charge you upwards of $150-250 per ad for just a few days of publishing.

I personally thank you for visiting AVJoblistings.com and wish you all the best in your search. Always reach out to me personally if I can be of help to you! Below is my Linkedin profile – feel free to connect with me there as well.


Marty Raymond

Co-Owner, AVJoblistings.com
President, Harness Technology, Inc (NYS)

Marty Raymond on Linkedin

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