About AVJoblistings

Welcome to AVJoblistings.com, the most trusted jobs source for AV Professionals.

AVJoblistings.com was formed in 2011 as a jobs board and recruiting service to the professional AV Industry. Since then our website has grown to over 2000 US visits monthly, and we’ve helped countless AV companies and colleagues in finding quality staff or that perfect job in the following areas of AV:

  • AV & UCC System Integration
  • Rentals, Staging and Live Events
  • Corporate Operations


  • Jobs Board specific to AV & UCC: $395 annual fee / Unlimited job ads
  • Specialist Recruiting in AV & UCC
  • Staffing – Project-based staffing only

There are many recruiting firms working in the technology sphere of business, the majority of which possess no actual background in AV. At AVJoblistings.com not so. We bring to the table over 17 years of hands-on experience in professional AV engineering, implementation, operations, sales, service, and live events. Founder, Marty Raymond has worked in each of these areas of AV in the course of his career, and seeks to replicate that experience in all recruiting staff at AVJoblistings.com. Our recruiters possess solid backgrounds in AV project management, engineering, programming and live events. We rely on our past experience to understand our hiring client’s needs, the positions they are looking to fill and the job requirements of prospective candidates. We don’t just assist to build your team, we’re part of your team.

AVJoblistings.com has worked hard to build a US network of over 160 AV companies and over 7000 AV professionals. We continue to build and leverage our network to find the right candidates or positions for our clients. As a client of AVJoblistings.com our network is our primary tool to finding you the right job, or finding the right candidate to join your firm. We are experts at AV recruiting. Whether you’re hiring, or looking for that next opportunity, you can count on AVJoblistings.com to help you find your solution.

AVJoblistings.com is the leader in professional jobs solutions for the AV industry. Visit www.avjoblistings.com to learn more about our products and solutions or call our office at 919-907-0054 to speak with one of our representatives.